Our need for meaning

What am I?

What is a human being?What am I?
The following selection of Notes from the Library deals with our real identity. Read more about this in The Notebooks, especially in volume 14, category 22:3.

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What is a glimpse?

Many people recall unusual experiences where they suddenly and without warning were lifted out of their usual ego existence into a new and exalted consciousness filled with tender love and harmony.

The glimpse experience is unforgettable. No description can give it full justice. But the glimpse confirms there is a higher consciousness, that it is in us - and that we are it!

The following Notes selected from the Library deal with glimpses of the higher consciousness. Read more about this in The Notebooks, especially in volume 14, category 22:4-8.

Is there a higher meaning?

We all have different priorities. To take care of those near us in a wise and loving manner and to have meaningful work gives great satisfaction. To lose oneself in creative endeavors is freeing for many people.

Family, work, friends and activities in leisure hours fill our days. This can give content and meaning for many years.

But as we get older - if not before - we may feel something important is missing.

A question may be pushing to the forefront of our consciousness: Is there a higher meaning to being human? Is there another purpose, shared by all humans, to our life on earth?

The following selection from the Library deals with the meaning of life. See The Notebooks, especially volume 16, category 26:4.

The short path

Dr. Paul Brunton introduces two concepts: The long and the short path. The long path focuses the ego, and the short path the Overself. This is the main difference between the two.

The Quest starts on the long path. The short path comes later. Eventually we walk both paths simultaneously until the goal - to be fully conscious of being what we already unconsciously are - is reached.

The following Notes from the Library deals with the long and short path. More about this can be read in The Notebooks, especially in volume 15, category 23:5.

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