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The Notebooks of Paul Brunton
consists of 34.000 philosophical notes, divided into 28 categories.
Each category contains a number of chapters.
16 volumes have been published.

Volume Category

Volume 1

Includes notes from
all 28 categories

Volume 1
    • .

Volume 2
Overview of the Quest

Volume 3
Practices for the Quest /
Relax and Retreat

Volume 4
Meditation /
The Body

Volume 5
Emotions and Ethics /
The Intellect

Volume 6
The Ego /
From Birth to Rebirth

Volume 7
Healing of the Self /
The Negatives

Volume 8
on My Life and Writings

Volume 9
Human Experience /
The Arts in Culture

Volume 10
The Orient:
Its Legacy to the West

Volume 11
The Sensitives:
Dynamics and
Dangers of Mysticism

Volume 12
The Religious Urge /
The Reverential Life

Volume 13
Relativity, Philosophy,
and Mind

Volume 14
Inspiration and the Overself

Volume 15
Advanced Contemplation /
The Peace Within You

Volume 16
Enlightened Mind,
Divine Mind

The notebooks are copyright © 1984-1989 The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation

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